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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
7965BugClosedNormalProduction dataone-solr and dataone-zookeeper show dependency on Java 7Rob Nahf2017-01-25 22:32d1_indexer
7957BugClosedNormalIncorrect or missing PID escaping when deleting records from SolrJing Tao2017-01-10 17:59d1_indexer
7948BugClosedNormalAn UnAuthorization exception happened when the CN synchronized the objects with sid from tARD mnJing Tao2016-12-06 17:14d1_synchronization
7938BugClosedUrgentMalformed system metadataRob Nahf2016-11-25 19:07
7932BugClosedHighSynchronization hangs, repeatedly attempting to sync same contentRob Nahf2016-12-14 03:04d1_synchronization
7927BugClosedHighArchive operation not permitted for V1 readonly MNsJing Tao2017-01-11 21:09Metacat
7917BugClosedNormalFix the issue that the system data exists but the bytes doesn't exist for an object on CN after synchronizationJing Tao2017-01-11 21:37Metacat
2693BugClosedNormalError -1205 "Client Certificate Rejected" by SafariDave Vieglais2017-05-09 21:32Authentication, Authorization
8023TaskClosedNormalBug in log message for NotAuthorized CHANGE rights on seriesIdJing Tao2017-02-17 22:23d1_synchronization
7968TaskClosedNormalChange the file extension from zip to gz for gzip formatidJing Tao2017-01-23 20:29Metacat
7966TaskClosedNormalupdate the documentation for updating cns' object format listJing Tao2017-01-30 21:21Documentation
7963TaskClosedNormalTag portal_servelet and dataone-cn-portal 2.3.1 and deploy it to the production CNsJing Tao2017-01-18 18:42d1_portal_servlet
7960TaskClosedNormalCreate format ids for R, MATLAB, Python and SAS codeJing Tao2017-01-23 20:30Metacat
7953TaskClosedNormalRegister schema files for the format id FGDC-STD-100.1-1999Jing Tao2016-12-16 18:53cn_metacat
7952TaskClosedNormalGRIIDC icon not showing in search UILauren Walker2017-02-27 21:23Search_Web_UI
7947TaskClosedNormalCalling cn.synchronize method asynchronously in mn.updatesystemmeta on MetacatJing Tao2017-01-30 21:19Metacat
7945TaskClosedNormalD1-index-processor should be shut down soon after stop givenRob Nahf2017-02-10 23:51d1_indexer
7943TaskClosedNormalRemove the hard code pointing cn-ucsb postgresql on the portal configurationRob Nahf2016-12-15 18:45d1_portal_servlet
7942TaskClosedNormalDataone-cn-index installation wipe the d1-index-queue databaseJing Tao2017-01-30 21:20d1_indexer
7929TaskIn ProgressNormalArchive content for SEAD2016-11-09 17:11
7951StoryClosedNormalAllow CN to set NodeProperties in ldapRob Nahf2017-02-02 17:38d1_cn_node_registry

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