• Infrastructure

    Design documentation and software that implements the DataONE infrastructure. This includes the Coordinating Nodes, and other software developed by DataONE including Member Nodes, Investigator Tools, software libraries, and other tools used in operating and managing the infrastructure....

    • Java Client

      Includes activity related to: java-common, jibx-extension, java-libclient

    • Log Reporting

      The component of the Coordinating Nodes that provides log aggregation and reporting capabilities. This includes Log Aggregation, Log Report Generation

    • MN Dashboard

      The Member Node dashboard that shows the current status of MNs, currently shown on the public web site. See the wiki page for more details.

    • MN Service Registration

      Service Registration is a process whereby services offered by Member Nodes and other reliable resources can be registered with DataONE and so may be discovered through DataONE search mechanisms and utilized by DataONE Investigator Tools and other clients to perform actions on or provide access to data....

    • Python CLI

      The command line interface written in Python.

    • Python GMN

      The DataONE Generic Member Node written in Python and using the Django framework.

      • OGC-Slender Node

        This is a GMN extension that utilizes an OGC Web Catalog Service as a data source.

    • Python Libraries

      Tracking development and issues associated with the DataONE Python libraries, including d1-common-python, d1-libclient-python and dependencies that are not tracked in other issue tracking environments.

    • CN REST

      The Coordinating Node REST service, MN-CN Synchronization, MN-MN Replication and Portal implementations, which includes the bulk of the CN core functionality: - cn-common, cn-noderegistry, identity-manager, portal-servlet, d1-replication, cn-version-tool, d1-process-daemon, d1-synchronization...

    • DataONE API

      Define and document the DataONE service interfaces.

      This project covers the DataONE types schema and the API documentation.

    • Search UI

      Search user interfaces that enable users to search the DataONE CN search index. This includes the Metacat-UI that is hosted at GitHub ( ). Issues lodged here for that project should be focussed on the deployment and operation within the DataONE environment. Issues specific to the UI implementation should be lodged at the Metacat-UI Redmine project at NCEAS ( )....

  • Requirements

    Project requirements

  • Member Nodes

    This project is used to track deployment of individual member nodes.

  • Testing MN Management

    This project is for testing purposes only.

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