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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
8039InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalAdd the input form for the ORCID id and secret in dataone-cn-portalJing Tao2017-03-07 23:48dataone-cn-portal
8031InfrastructureBugClosedNormalwhen synchronization reaches max lock attempts, it keeps goingRob Nahf2017-03-03 20:12d1_synchronization
8026InfrastructureTaskTestingHighPortal reaches the maximum capacity in a poolJing Tao2017-03-14 00:36d1_portal_servlet
8024InfrastructureBugRejectedHighSubmitter Being Checked During SeriesId Validation within V2TransferObjectTaskRob Nahf2017-02-23 23:15Authentication, Authorization
8018InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalWhen the hazlecast ports of cns are blocked to each other, the orchid log-in doesn't work Jing Tao2017-02-27 18:35d1_portal_servlet
7955InfrastructureBugClosedHighSynchronization should check dateSysMetaModified when adding tasks to processing queueRob Nahf2017-01-03 23:11d1_synchronization
7944InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalJava Keystore password needs to be added to the config by the build-out script of dataone-cn-portal.Jing Tao2017-03-07 23:44dataone-cn-portal
7937InfrastructureTaskClosedLowadd localhost <interface> to the hazelcast.xml fileRob Nahf2017-02-27 18:05
7839DataONE APITaskNewNormalOnline documentation places synchronize in CNRead apiDave Vieglais2016-12-21 09:04api_documentation
7814InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalcreate queue state log events2017-03-04 06:51
7813InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalcreate sync task log outcome messages2017-03-04 06:46
7358InfrastructureStoryIn ProgressNormalContactSubject on NodeList must be valid D1 ldap entryDave Vieglais2016-12-21 09:05Authentication, Authorization

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