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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
7464Member NodesTaskClosedNormalNKN to add more content to production Laura Moyers2018-08-21 17:23
7461Member NodesTaskClosedNormalDetermine how to handle metadata which is well-formed but does not validateDave Vieglais2018-04-27 20:29
7457Member NodesTaskClosedNormalRecover KNB/SANParks contentJing Tao2017-03-15 18:27
7050Member NodesMNDeploymentNewNormalUSDA ARS2015-04-17 17:27
7049Member NodesMNDeploymentDup-ClosedNormalUSGS Science Data Catalog2015-05-18 14:32
7048Member NodesMNDeploymentDeferredLowUSGS Regional Climate CentersLaura Moyers2016-06-17 19:32
6545InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalMigrate DataONE off SHA-1 for certificatesDave Vieglais2015-05-27 16:19
6543InfrastructureStoryNewNormalSupport RIF-CS metadata standardDave Vieglais2018-01-17 19:46Format ID
6539InfrastructureBugClosedNormalcompletely unable to access from Safari 7.1 if user has any certificates installedRobert Waltz2016-12-02 00:20d1_cn_buildout
6538InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalSet DataONE up as an XSEDE Level 3 Service ProviderBruce Wilson2015-10-28 17:54
6489Member NodesTaskRejectedNormalThis is a test bug reportBruce Wilson2015-11-19 17:21
6394InfrastructureTaskNewNormalResolve SSL certificate connection errors for UNM Epscor Tier 4 MN in developmentChris Jones2014-09-18 18:39Support Operations
6393InfrastructureFeatureClosedNormalProvide support for DataCite Schema as science metadataSkye Roseboom2014-12-15 19:58
6163Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate tickets for MsTMIP member nodeLaura Moyers2015-02-26 19:57
6162Member NodesMNDeploymentClosedNormalMsTMIPBruce Wilson2015-04-17 14:53
6160InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalActivate danehughes LDAP account for DataONE accessAmber Budden2014-09-08 16:57
6020InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalSlow response/incomplete load for Member Node Dashboard for people at ORNLBruce Wilson2014-08-11 00:01Environment.Production
5457Member NodesMNDeploymentNewNormalNSIDC- National Snow and Ice Data CenterBruce Wilson2018-04-10 19:12
5456Member NodesMNDeploymentClosedNormalNCDCBruce Wilson2015-11-11 19:15
5455Member NodesTaskIn ProgressNormalContact Line Pouchard to re-open discussion about PURL as a potential MNBruce Wilson2015-11-19 19:17
5454Member NodesTaskNewNormalEvaluate dataverse poential MNBruce Wilson2014-05-29 19:30
5453Member NodesMNDeploymentDeferredNormalDataverseLaura Moyers2018-07-24 16:41
5452Member NodesTaskRejectedNormalEvaluate potential of Figshare as a MNBBruce Wilson2018-01-23 13:56
5451Member NodesMNDeploymentOperationalNormalCary Institute (via Figshare)Monica Ihli2019-04-17 21:39
5450Member NodesTaskIn ProgressNormal(Waiting for) USC to complete development of MN stack (derived from GMN)Laura Moyers2018-08-31 15:26
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