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19:18 Member Nodes Task #7464 (In Progress): NKN to add more content to production
19:18 Member Nodes Task #7464 (Closed): NKN to add more content to production
Verify that additional materials are loading.
19:17 Member Nodes Task #6892 (In Progress): NKN: Document and Announce


16:05 Member Nodes Task #7461 (Closed): Determine how to handle metadata which is well-formed but does not validate
SDC is an example of cases where there are metadata records that are declared as FGDC, but contain extensions (such a...
15:51 Member Nodes MNDeployment #7082: USGS Science Data Catalog (SDC)
Discussed the issue of some metadata not validating according to the declared schema at the LT meeting October 30, 20...


17:54 Infrastructure Story #6538 (Closed): Set DataONE up as an XSEDE Level 3 Service Provider
This was completed in early 2015
17:44 Member Nodes Task #7457 (Closed): Recover KNB/SANParks content
Work with SAEON to get the content that's missing, using the KNB and SANParks resources


12:53 Infrastructure Revision 15750 (d1): Adding ssh and gpg keys for Gary Rogers
12:48 Infrastructure Revision 15749 (d1): Added GPG public key for Gary Rogers


17:27 Member Nodes MNDeployment #7050 (New): USDA ARS
Area of possible interest to DataONE. Per B. Michener, Cindy Parr is now there and could be a contact to see if this...

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