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Review, revise, and update architecture documentation

Added by Dave Vieglais over 12 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The architecture documentation should have all sections reviewed and all edits marked as tasks. This will assist with prioritization and ensuring that all necessary edits are completed prior to public release.


Task #1907: MNCore.getLogRecords() - make fromDate arg optionalClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1908: MNCore.getLogRecords() - Add note about implicit filtering of resultsClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1909: MNCore.getLogRecords() - fromDate and toDate adjustmentClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1910: MNCore.getLogRecords() - NotAuthorized exception may not be neededRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1911: MNCore.getCapabilities() - NotAuthorizedClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1912: MNRead.get(session, pid) - Correction to note about checksumsClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1936: CNRead.get() - Now does implicit resolve()ClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1938: MNRead.listObjects() - Is NotAuthorized a valid response?RejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1939: MNRead.listObjects() - Remove / fix outdated examples.ClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1940: MNRead.listObjects() - Move example to CN docsClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1941: MNRead.listObjects() - Remove text about "orderby".ClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1942: MNRead.listObjects() - Semantics for endTimeRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1943: MNRead.listObjects() - Remove default on replicaStatusClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1944: MNAuthorization.isAuthorized() - convenience methods for canRead() / canWrite()RejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1945: MNStorage.create() - Move text about wrapped/managed modeClosedRoger Dahl

Task #1946: Suggestion for removing boolean return type that can only return "true".RejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1953: CNCore.updateSystemMetadata() - add to cross reference spreadsheetClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1954: CNReplication documentation needs clarificationClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1959: MNRead.synchronizationFailed(session, message) - add boolean return typeClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1960: class Types.Boolean - clarify useRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1961: Types.ErrorMessage - does not existNewDave Vieglais

Task #1962: Remove errorCode from list of Exceptions in the REST callsRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1330: REST interface docsClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1963: boolean -> BooleanRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #1983: UC04 describes with discovery capabilityNewDave Vieglais

Task #1985: CN method that MN should use for checking if PID existsClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1986: Update UC04 to use correct CN method for determining if a PID existsNewDave Vieglais

Task #1997: MNStorage.systemMetadataChanged() - Add return type BooleanClosedDave Vieglais

Task #1998: MNStorage.systemMetadataChanged() - Change rest endpointRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #2053: CNReplication.setReplicationStatus() - Add info about serialVersionNew

Task #2054: CNReplication.setReplicationPolicy(), updateReplicationMetadata()NewDave Vieglais

Task #2083: Split the CN API into public and private sectionsNewDave Vieglais

Task #2084: CNCore.reserveIdentifier(session, pid) - Return Boolean instead of IdentiferRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #2121: CNRead.get() - Point to MNRead.get() for retrieving Science DataRejectedDave Vieglais

Task #2123: Description of serialVersionNewDave Vieglais

Task #2131: CNRegister.updateNodeCapabilities() - nodeid -> nodeIdNewDave Vieglais

Task #2142: MNReplication.getReplica() - include PID in signatureNewDave Vieglais

Task #2172: Types.DateTime: Example serialization without TZ designatorNewDave Vieglais

Task #2227: Specify valid mimetypes for responsesNewDave Vieglais

Task #2286: Change Exceptions.InvalidToken to Exceptions.InvalidSessionNewDave Vieglais

Task #2322: CNCore.hasReservation() - POST?ClosedBen Leinfelder

Task #2324: CNCore.getLogRecords() - deprecate?RejectedDave Vieglais

Task #2327: CNAuthorization.setRightsHolder() - Returns empty ObjectListRejected

Task #2342: CNCore.reserveIdentifier() - Update REST descriptionNewDave Vieglais

Task #2394: - solr / SOLRNewDave Vieglais

Task #2464: Authentication - no space after comma in subjectsNewDave Vieglais

Task #2465: Authentication - Remove TODO about selecting format for principal nameNewDave Vieglais

Task #2466: Authentication - Remove references to PrincipalNewDave Vieglais

Task #2475: CNReplication.setReplicationStatus() - How to represent nullNewDave Vieglais

Task #2508: MNStorage.delete(), MNStorage.update() - Action must be denied for replicas.NewDave Vieglais

Task #2646: MNReplication.getReplica() - Add information about CNReplication.isNodeAuthorized()NewDave Vieglais

Task #2660: Deciding on a key size for D1 certsNewDave Vieglais

Task #2793: MNRead.describe() - Document special requirement of returning D1 exceptions in headerNewDave Vieglais

Task #2794: Exceptions: Remove unsupported exception serializations and add "header serialization"NewDave Vieglais

Task #2809: MNStorage.update() - Make behavior explicitNewDave Vieglais

Task #2810: setReplicationStatus() example rwt state transition is incorrectNewDave Vieglais

Task #2826: MNStorage.archive() - PermissionsNewDave Vieglais

Task #3314: CNRead.getQueryEngineDescription() - REST URLNewDave Vieglais

Task #3315: CNRead.query() - POST in addition to GETNewDave Vieglais

Task #3598: Node document subject description is a bit unclearNewDave Vieglais

Task #3807: Add documentation for Types.QueryEngineDescriptionNewDave Vieglais

Task #3963: Remove choice in MNStorage.update() and misc other changesClosedDave Vieglais

Task #4102: Add expiration policy for CNCore.reserveIdentifier()NewDave Vieglais

Task #4722: Clarify permissions for CNNewDave Vieglais

Task #4723: MN recognition of CNNewDave Vieglais

Task #5531: Provide overview of replication process for MN implementorsTestingMatthew Jones

Task #6167: Docs for say "SOLR" in capital but actual API expects "solr" in lower caseNewDave Vieglais

Task #7850: Passing SID to MNRead.systemMetadataChanged()NewDave Vieglais

Related issues

Related to Infrastructure - Story #2643: Finalize architecture docs for release Closed 2012-04-25 2014-09-24


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