From 2012-09-23 to 2012-10-22


19:51 Task #3356 (Rejected): Number the search results for ease of recall
Some people had trouble keeping track of which science metadata window being viewed corresponds with the record in th... Chris Jones
19:14 Task #3355 (Closed): Fix the search form to not need two search buttons
Two search buttons were requested to reduce scrolling, but work on the design to limit the need for two buttons. Sub... Chris Jones
19:11 Task #3354 (Rejected): Redesign query text on the results page to use refinement boxes
Chris Jones


20:04 Task #3347 (Rejected): Improve temporal components of the advanced search
Users had trouble with entering dates.
Date entry: the fields allows invalid dates to be entered. Rather than displa...
Chris Jones
19:46 Task #3346 (Rejected): Improve geographic components of the advanced search
The openlayers version of the map has been confusing to users.
Replace it with a more simplified map interface usi...
Chris Jones
18:59 Task #3345 (Rejected): Modify Results filtering to accomodate addition and removal of search refi...
Each refinement should be displayed in the 'Query' area as removable links/boxes. Chris Jones
17:56 Task #3344 (Rejected): Implement Simple vs Advanced search views
The current Mercury screen has a simple search stacked above the advanced search components. Change this such that t... Chris Jones


15:51 Task #3327 (Rejected): Clarify the 'Return to Search' vs 'Back' buttons when viewing science meta...
The two buttons are confusing side-by-side, and there should be a single button to return to the previous state. Loo... Chris Jones
15:38 Task #3326 (Rejected): Create a printable view of the science metadata record
Many users wanted to be able to print the metadata record, or view it in a window that promotes a printable view. En... Chris Jones
15:31 Task #3325 (Rejected): Improve sorting components for returned results
There were two issues with the sorting capabilty for results:
1) alphabetical sorting by member node was incorrect...
Chris Jones
15:26 Task #3324 (Closed): Remove relevance ranking stars
There was no consistent understanding or agreement on what the stars meant, and since they punch out, they are also f... Chris Jones
15:22 Task #3323 (Rejected): Make the display of science metadata more uniform
We are currently using separate XSLT stylesheets to display science metadata (EML, FGDC, etc). Feedback from the usa... Chris Jones
15:15 Task #3322 (Rejected): Fix confusing 'Data Files(0)' download buttons
If an ‘Online Distribution’ link was available in the science metadata, users were “frustrated” with having to leave ... Chris Jones
15:10 Task #3321 (Rejected): Re-enable 'search by place name' on the Mercury UI
This feature was not working during the testing, and was removed. The bug needs to be addressed, and the feature re-... Chris Jones
15:07 Task #3320 (Rejected): Enable tooltip for the Mercury map component tools
Users have difficulty using the map interface, especially the toolbar. Adding tooltips on hover events will help wit... Chris Jones
15:02 Task #3319 (Closed): Add functionality to clear a search
There is no “Clear All” button, and so users have to “Clear” each field one-by-one. Create a 'Clear' button that app... Chris Jones
14:38 Feature #3318 (Rejected): Mercury UI improvements from ESIP feedback need to be addressed
The usability working group has conducted tests with participants of the ESIP conference that assess the usability of... Chris Jones


16:39 Task #2967: Update screen shot for main help on search screen
moving to 1.2 but can move to a newer release whenever this work can be accomplished. Skye Roseboom

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