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Mercury UI improvements from ESIP feedback need to be addressed

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The usability working group has conducted tests with participants of the ESIP conference that assess the usability of the Mercury user interface. This ticket documents the overarching issues, and the subtasks address the individual issues. The issues have so far been summarized in a presentation stored on (

Also, see the etherpad doc from the AHM meeting:

The participants were asked to:

  1. Find where to search for data
  2. Submit a data query (of their choice)
  3. After finding a data set of interest, describe what their next step to retrieving the data would be
  4. Download a data set
  5. Identify any other issues seen or any additional features or functionality they would like to see


Task #3319: Add functionality to clear a searchClosedSkye Roseboom

Task #2966: ONEMercury help reworkRejectedSkye Roseboom

Task #2967: Update screen shot for main help on search screenClosedSkye Roseboom

Task #3320: Enable tooltip for the Mercury map component toolsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3321: Re-enable 'search by place name' on the Mercury UIRejectedChris Jones

Task #3322: Fix confusing 'Data Files(0)' download buttonsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3323: Make the display of science metadata more uniformRejectedChris Jones

Task #3324: Remove relevance ranking starsClosedSkye Roseboom

Task #3325: Improve sorting components for returned resultsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3326: Create a printable view of the science metadata recordRejectedChris Jones

Task #3327: Clarify the 'Return to Search' vs 'Back' buttons when viewing science metadataRejectedChris Jones

Task #3344: Implement Simple vs Advanced search viewsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3361: Change the default simple and advanced search views with the 'only data' refinementRejectedChris Jones

Task #3362: Move the 'Results per page' dropdown to only the Advanced Search and Results viewsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3345: Modify Results filtering to accomodate addition and removal of search refinementsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3346: Improve geographic components of the advanced searchRejectedChris Jones

Task #3347: Improve temporal components of the advanced searchRejectedChris Jones

Task #3354: Redesign query text on the results page to use refinement boxesRejectedChris Jones

Task #3355: Fix the search form to not need two search buttonsClosedSkye Roseboom

Task #3356: Number the search results for ease of recallRejectedChris Jones

Task #3358: Add a printable view of science metadataRejectedChris Jones

Task #3359: Address confusing navigation buttons in science metadata viewsRejectedChris Jones

Task #3360: Provide Member Node documentation on node naming best practicesRejectedChris Jones


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