MNDeployment Ticket Fields (2/21/2018)

Ticket Field Node XML Field Definition/Usage
Subject MNdeployment ticket Name {Name of MN (+ID)}
Description 1. description Overview and general info about MN - will display in Description box below properties
Status: / New Add new/potential MN information to be contacted or assessed
/ Planning Story: Potential MN Discovery through Story: Planning
/ Ready no not use
/ Testing Story: Testing & Development
/ In Review Story: Move to production
/ Operational Announced and running
/ Deprecated Deprecation complete
/ closed Not a viable MN
/ Dup-closed
/ Deferred On hold until they or we have the resources/inclination to proceed
Lat/Long CN_location_lonlat Add coordinates based on repository location information for mapping purposes. In the node XML document, these are decimal degrees with longitude first, e.g. -40.0,35.6
MN Description description “Short Description” to appear on the MN Dashboard - (manual add to xml)
Base URL baseURL Repository base URL(i.e. the DataONE service endpoint for the node)
NodeIdentifier identifier Member Node ID
MN Tier entered/updated manually
Software stack entered/updated manually
MN_Date_Online CN_date_operational Announce date
Name 2. name, CN_node_name Name that MN wants to appear on DataONE website - (manual add to xml)
Estimated time N/A
Is_strategic Yes/No. This field is not publicly viewable, and it is intended to indicate those prospective MNs that are strategically important from the perspective of money, influence, etc.
Logo URL CN_logo_url Link to image in GitHub,
Date Upcoming CN_date_upcoming match date to MNdeployment status change
Date Deprecated CN_date_deprecated match date to MNdeployment status change
Version software stack version entered/updated manually
Information URL CN_info_url Repository (or organization) homepage to appear on the MN Dashboard - manual add to xml

[1] Description appears here and in the MN Description field. The MN Description field will be used when populating the node XML document, otherwise the Description field will be used.

[2] The name field is used to populate two entries in the node XML document, the name element and the CN_node_name element.

Items in bold are required when adding a node to the upcoming MN list.

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