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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
3326ONE MercuryTaskRejectedNormalCreate a printable view of the science metadata recordChris Jones2018-01-09 02:35
3418InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalCreate a content migration tool to copy content from the CN to an MNChris Jones2013-01-14 16:34
5330Member NodesTaskClosedNormalCorrect formatIds for CLOEBIRD gzip'd data objectsChris Jones2014-06-11 00:02
2340InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalCN Sandbox RC2 CNCore.getLogRecords() fails with 404 NotFound2012-02-29 16:15
2335InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalcn-sandbox environment needs deployment and testing for RC2Chris Jones2012-02-29 16:20
1954InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalCNReplication documentation needs clarificationDave Vieglais2014-10-02 17:21
1953InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalCNCore.updateSystemMetadata() - add to cross reference spreadsheetDave Vieglais2014-10-02 17:21
3327ONE MercuryTaskRejectedNormalClarify the 'Return to Search' vs 'Back' buttons when viewing science metadataChris Jones2018-01-09 02:35
3361ONE MercuryTaskRejectedNormalChange the default simple and advanced search views with the 'only data' refinementChris Jones2018-01-09 02:34
1775InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalChange setReplicationStatus signature to include targetNodeNicholas Dexter2011-09-08 15:42
4465InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalCCI 1.2.5 Feature ReleaseChris Jones2014-03-31 18:19
6363Member NodesTaskClosedNormalAdd the ORNL Mercury schema to the object format listChris Jones2014-11-24 19:07
6353Member NodesTaskClosedNormalAdd support for ORNL Mercury metadata schema to the Metacat schema catalog in each environmentChris Jones2014-11-24 19:07
3359ONE MercuryTaskRejectedNormalAddress confusing navigation buttons in science metadata viewsChris Jones2015-01-19 23:09
3745InfrastructureTaskRejectedNormalAdd Replica version attributeChris Jones2015-06-12 16:11
1712InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalAdd MNReplication.getReplica() methodNicholas Dexter2011-09-07 20:19
1643InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalAdd 'isScienceMetadata' field to the ObjectFormat typeChris Jones2011-06-13 23:39
3319ONE MercuryTaskClosedNormalAdd functionality to clear a searchSkye Roseboom2015-01-19 23:09
1717InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalAdd CNReplication.isReplicationAuthorized() to the APINicholas Dexter2011-09-02 18:00
3746InfrastructureTaskRejectedNormalAdd CNCore.systemMetadataChanged() callChris Jones2016-03-25 01:00
3358ONE MercuryTaskRejectedNormalAdd a printable view of science metadataChris Jones2015-01-19 23:09
4031Member NodesTaskClosedNormalAdd a full description in the KUBI MN node documentCJ Grady2014-02-20 21:21
1646InfrastructureTaskNewNormalAdd addFormat() to the CNCore API2016-06-22 16:51
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