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20:31 Member Nodes MNDeployment #3182: ORNL Data Centers member nodes
Bob, will follow-up with Tom Boden, Giri, Ranjeet about the possibility of bringing this MN online.
20:28 Member Nodes MNDeployment #3197: Deploy the USGS Library MN
Initially, the USGS Library was targeted as a MN; however, due to the lack of metadata to data relationships, it no l...
20:24 Member Nodes MNDeployment #3184 (Rejected): Deploy the FRAMES member node
20:23 Member Nodes MNDeployment #3184: Deploy the FRAMES member node
The FRAMES infrastructure that was initially hosted by the NBII Program has been shutdown and migrated to the Univers...
19:05 Member Nodes MNDeployment #3525: USGS Topo Maps
Response from those in CSAS Working with our USGS National Geospatial Program People about some options:::
Cool. W...
17:13 Member Nodes MNDeployment #3525: USGS Topo Maps
The best known USGS maps are the 1:24,000-scale topographic maps, also known as 7.5-minute quadrangles. More than 55,...


20:18 Member Nodes Task #3196 (Closed): Initial contact with potential IABIN member node
The IABIN Project Ended in January 2012. Therefore, there is really no specific IABIN entity to establish as a Member...


18:11 Infrastructure Task #243 (Rejected): Digitize Black Book
Digitize Black Book
15:59 Infrastructure Task #235 (Closed): Join the software development community content area
Populate the Software Development community area with potential topics including linking to public SVN Code, any deve...
15:29 Infrastructure Task #227 (Closed): Align Get Involved Page with the CE Priorities & Stakeholders
The Get Involved Page needs to be aligned with the CE recent Priorities and Stakeholders discussions.

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