From 2012-10-19 to 2012-11-17


19:53 Task #3362 (Rejected): Move the 'Results per page' dropdown to only the Advanced Search and Resul...
To simplify the Simple Search, remove the 'Results per page' dropdown. Expose it on the Advanced Search page. Expos... Chris Jones
19:45 Task #3361 (Rejected): Change the default simple and advanced search views with the 'only data' r...
1) Remove the 'only results with data' checkbox on the simple search view
2) by default, expose this as a refineme...
Chris Jones
19:40 Task #3360 (Rejected): Provide Member Node documentation on node naming best practices
Nodes shouldn't use acronyms or 'MN' in there names. be sure the documentation guidance says so. Chris Jones
19:31 Task #3359 (Rejected): Address confusing navigation buttons in science metadata views
When viewing an individual science metadata document, there is a 'Return to Search' button and a 'Back' button. The ... Chris Jones
19:26 Task #3358 (Rejected): Add a printable view of science metadata
Users requested the ability to choose a 'Print' button and get a pritable view optimized for a sheet of paper or stan... Chris Jones


19:51 Task #3356 (Rejected): Number the search results for ease of recall
Some people had trouble keeping track of which science metadata window being viewed corresponds with the record in th... Chris Jones
19:14 Task #3355 (Closed): Fix the search form to not need two search buttons
Two search buttons were requested to reduce scrolling, but work on the design to limit the need for two buttons. Sub... Chris Jones
19:11 Task #3354 (Rejected): Redesign query text on the results page to use refinement boxes
Chris Jones

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