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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
3634TaskClosedNormalcreate unit test for pre-existing D1Object in createDataPackageRob Nahf2014-09-10 20:57
3607TaskClosedUrgentprepare package for CRAN submissionChris Jones2013-02-25 05:28
3544TaskClosedNormalreplace prints with messages where appropriateRob Nahf2013-03-01 22:22
3543TaskClosedNormaladjust documentation to match S4 expectationsRob Nahf2013-03-01 22:22
3542TaskClosedNormalrename methods beginning with dataTableRob Nahf2013-03-01 22:22
3475TaskClosedNormalrefactor createDataPackageRob Nahf2013-03-01 22:17
3453TaskClosedNormalswitch to stable D1 dependencies Rob Nahf2013-02-22 18:44
3452TaskClosedNormaltest and tag the releaseMatthew Jones2013-02-25 18:24
3451TaskRejectedNormalbranch d_client_rMatthew Jones2013-02-22 18:44
3441TaskClosedNormalTest R client compatibility with R 3.0 releaseMatthew Jones2014-09-10 20:16
3440TaskClosedNormalAdd support to R Client to read netCDF2014-09-10 20:28
3432TaskClosedNormalcreate documentation (.Rd files) for R ClientRob Nahf2013-02-22 18:53
1371TaskClosedNormalConfigure Hudson to run RUnit tests and report resultsMatthew Jones2014-09-10 20:13
1370TaskClosedNormalRefactor tests to use RUnitRob Nahf2014-09-10 19:57
853TaskClosedHighadd R client DataPackage constructors from data or science metadataRob Nahf2013-02-22 19:09
852TaskClosedHighextend the R client DataPackage class to support data and metadata storage and accessRob Nahf2013-02-22 19:09
851TaskClosedHighadd support to R client for non-tabular data such as raster dataMatthew Jones2014-09-10 20:25
849TaskClosedHighmodify R client to download system and science metadataRob Nahf2013-02-22 19:09
848TaskClosedHighmodify R client to use system and science metadata for table parsingRob Nahf2014-09-10 20:27

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