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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
7817BugClosedNormalThe processIndexTaskQueue method on IndexTaskProcessor doesn't pick up all the failed tasksJing Tao2016-06-10 18:35d1_cn_index_processor
7816BugClosedNormalAfter reindex cn-dev, there are more than 20,000 index tasks keep the "IN PROCESS" statusJing Tao2016-06-10 18:51d1_cn_index_processor
7771TaskClosedNormalUse multiple threads to index objectsJing Tao2016-12-21 09:15d1_cn_index_processor
7770TaskClosedNormalProfile the index processJing Tao2016-05-25 16:31d1_cn_index_processor
7752TaskClosedNormalAdd gmx:Anchor path for Solr indexing of the metadata "title" Jing Tao2016-06-10 19:51d1_cn_index_processor
7667TaskClosedNormalIndexing of URL-like identifiers failsChris Jones2016-03-14 15:39d1_cn_index_processor
7663BugClosedNormald1-index-task-processor seems to of stopped for no apparent reason (stage environment).Andrei Buium2017-03-28 16:07d1_cn_index_processor
7576FeatureClosedNormalAdd temporal range parsing to dublin core parsingAndrei Buium2016-02-01 18:44d1_cn_index_processor
7212StoryRejectedNormalAdd support for SIDs and altered "archive" functionalitySkye Roseboom2015-07-01 16:19d1_cn_index_processor
7157TaskClosedNormalImplement search index parser support for ISO-119139/isotc211.Skye Roseboom2015-07-09 22:18d1_cn_index_processor
7001StoryClosedNormalAdd log messages to indicate the start/end of indexing a pidSkye Roseboom2015-05-13 16:33d1_cn_index_processor
6719FeatureClosedNormalUpdate data package relationship processing wrt maintaining SID based relationships.Skye Roseboom2015-09-22 16:18d1_cn_index_processor

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