Bug #8622

MNDeployment #3687: Montana State University Institute on Ecosystems

IOE repository is not responding

Added by Dave Vieglais over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Possibly related to #8244

The IOE repository is not responding at the expected baseURL of:

and instead returns an error that SSL connection is not available. Attempting to use http instead of https returns a 404 error.

Contact the server administrator and have them check the service availability.


#1 Updated by Amy Forrester over 5 years ago

6/18/18: contact from Todd

I am looking into this issue. We have had SSL issues in the past, and this is an area where I will need to get some additional help. We have a new technical position starting July 1, and I may not be able to get to this until that person starts on the job. But I will try what I can in the meantime.

#2 Updated by Amy Forrester over 5 years ago

7/30/18- check-in with Todd to get status update. (follow-up: 8/13/18)

#3 Updated by Amy Forrester over 5 years ago

8/13/18- Todd reply

I am still unable to solve the issue. We are losing access to our server, and that’s giving me heartburn. We are exploring options.

#4 Updated by Amy Forrester about 5 years ago

9/25 - check-in

#5 Updated by Amy Forrester almost 5 years ago

3/5/19 - check in

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