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Story #8488: IEDA: Testing & Development

Verify content mutability pattern

Added by Dave Vieglais about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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The content may change over time which means that obsolescence information must be available.

Verify that:

  1. The metadata content URL is equivalent to a PID
  2. The DOI pointing the to metadata is equivalent to a SID

IEDA-approval.pdf (75.6 KB) Amy Forrester, 2019-02-27 15:21


#1 Updated by Dave Vieglais about 4 years ago

From Steve:

As I understand things, the DOI represents the resource, and the metadata
record describes that resource. The identifier for the metadata records is
the gmd:fileIdentifier in the ISO metadata. A new version of the resource
would get a new DOI and a new metadata record. If the metadata content is
updated (typically to improve or correct content in the metadata) the
metadata record gmd:date is updated, but the records keeps the same
gmd:fileIdentifier. Metadata records do not get DOIs. Harvesters are
expected to use the gmd:fileIdentifier to determine if they already have the
records, and the gmd:date to determin if they need to update their existing
index from the updated record.

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Functional verification in progress.

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1/28/19 - response to bug issues sent to MN
27/27/19 - MN approval

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