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R2R: modify searchUI to accommodate cruise path display for single data package

Added by Laura Moyers about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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R2R will have geospatial data in their metadata identifying the cruise path of the ship. They would like for the actual path of the ship to be displayed in the metadata view of search results for an individual data package.

The R2R MN is in development, so there isn't geospatial data to be working with at present.


#1 Updated by Matthew Jones about 7 years ago

This is a great feature request, but one that should be generalized. Right now, our data page level displays show the centroid and bounding box for a data set. This task would prioritize the more detailed footprint found in the g-ring polygon metadata and display that. Although not difficult, I think this would take some work and is probably not feasible by Dec, especially given the other UI changes that we have in the priority queue. But we should definitely manage it.

In addition, we should review and possibly revise the way in which we show multiple bounding boxes and add in support for multiple g-rings. This will require some design and discussion, and the R2R use case will be a good driver for it. But lets not limit the feature to just cruise tracks -- there are other polygons we should be able to display as well.

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