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MNDeployment #3234: CyVerse (iPlant) member node

Contact Schildhauer and Merchant to plan trajectory for iPlant MN

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1. Schedule
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Contacted Nirav Merchant June 15, 2016, see summary in parent ticket.

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I contacted Nirav Merchant on June 15, 2016 and discussed the idea of a CyVerse MN with him. They are way ahead of us, in that at a recent CyVerse hackathon they developed a plugin for their CyVerse Discovery Environment to allow their system to interact with DataONE over the DataONE API. My impression is that this is partially based on the iRODs implementation that DFC is doing, and that as soon as that is tested, then they would be willing to bring CyVerse on as a DataONE node. Needs further discussion, but this is all technically much further along that I knew.

In terms of metadata, CyVerse supports multiple community profiles and allows metadata to be serialized in multiple formats at the discretion of the user. My impression is that they would make a DataONE upload option available to all users on a per-dataset basis, and that when a user chose to register a dataset with DataONE, their metadata would be converted. We will likely need to support some new metadata standards for some of their users, so we will need to contact them about that.

Overall, I think CyVerse has the potential to be brought online relatively quickly, and they serve a huge NSF community with a lot of really useful data.

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