Task #3074

Phase one implementaion for morpho to connect dataone services

Added by Jing Tao about 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Ben Leinfelder
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In the phase one, morpho will still use Metacat query interface for the searching, but the other action will use the data one API:

Work with multiple MNs, but choose one as active MN for create(). Morpho still uses Metacat API to search
User selects 'Active' Member node from dropdown list in settings; list generated from Node service; or enter baseurl
If MN is metacat, use metacat API to search
** Metacat search API only returns metacat docids (scope.docid.rev) not the DataONE PIDs
** Issue: how to get ahold of the PID rather than the localID so get()/create()/update() can be called
If MN is not metacat, disable network search, only allow local open
For create
Create on the active MN, set authMN to the active node id
For update/delete

If a user has rights to call update()/delete() on the AUthoritative node, and a write permission on an object, they can update/delete on the AuthNode
-- 3 checks have to pass: userHasWrite on object, user has execute on service, and authMN is available for object
If authMN is not available, don't do update()


Task #3075: Morpho needs new data file managment system and the local identifier authority. Closed

Task #3077: Morpho file name convention and the mapping between the file name and identifierClosedJing Tao

Task #3079: Morpho needs a local unique id generatorClosedBen Leinfelder

Task #3090: New design for morpho profileClosed

Task #3111: Need a new page for replication information in package wizardClosed

Task #3081: Modify the morpho setting to allow user choose or input the active dataone member nodeClosed

Task #3083: Get PIDs from metacat query resultRejectedBen Leinfelder

Task #3096: Implment login/logout methodsClosed

Task #3097: Implement insert and read methodsRejected

Task #3098: Implment the update and delete methodsRejected

Task #3103: The design to modify the AbstractDataPackage classClosed

Task #3107: Need a mechanism to keep track the identifer's history (revision)ClosedJing Tao

Task #3167: Add d1_ common_java and d1_libclient_java and their depency jarClosed


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