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Deploy metacat on the CN dev server

Added by Dave Vieglais over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Need to deploy metacat on the development CN server (#141, #163).

Metacat should be installable as a package or by executing a script from make (source:software/cicore/trunk/cn-buildout/Makefile)


#1 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

Running 'make install' from in the cicore/trunk/cn-buildout directory now installs and configures a basic instance of Metacat with all of its dependencies. Still need to work on generalizing the postinst script, as it hardcodes lots of values that really would be better determined from dpkg (such as tomcat version, config file locations, etc).

Once 'make install' is run, the Metacat system is in place, and going to the Metacat url ( will bring you to the Metacat configuration screen. Possily bypass this configuration by providing a pre-configured file, putting it in place during postinst, and then running any necessary db scripts during postinst.

Many TODO items noted in the SystemConfiguration.txt notes file.

As Mercury will also depend on tomcat, etc., we may want to create a metacat-mercury-interop package that jointly handles configuration of tomcat and other overlapping dependencies and that can therefore avoid conflicts.

#2 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

Completed some of the additional TODO items described in SystemConfiguration.txt, including SSL configuration. Metacat is now available over ssl at

Need to consider renaming the context for this install, as knb isn't quite right. Maybe 'metacat', or 'cn' would be better.

#3 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

Metacat 1.9.1 is now deployed on cn-dev using an automated process. It is somewhat brittle and could be improved, but we can request those improvements in separate task requests as they are needed. Closing this task as complete.

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