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Generate KVM virtual machine for initial CN development testbed

Added by Dave Vieglais over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Create a KVM VM and configure it for access by DataONE developers (pref. ldap auth).

  • Document process for generation and packages installed

  • Identify administrator

  • All software installations and configuration changes should be logged to ensure ease of re-creation.


#1 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

Brand created initial KVM instance installed at

Instance runs Ubuntu 9.10.

Started working on process to document packages installed.

Working on additional logins via LDAP.

#2 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

LDAP is now set up and configured, allowing authentication for users in the dataone-sysadmin group (currently jones, vieglais, brand, walbridge). LDAP is communicating over TLS with the ldap server.

Added UFW firewall.

Need to add package for post-install package configuration to put these configuration files in place.

#3 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

Basic VM running Ubuntu 9.10 is now completed at Includes setup and configuration of the OS, plus firewalls, LDAP for authentication, and related system services. Notes on the configuration are in:

Replicating the installation requires simply installing Ubuntu 9.10, then running 'make install' in the cicore/cn-buildout directory.

Some additional automation, customization, and generalization of the configuration scripts could be done, but the system is basically working now.

#4 Updated by Matthew Jones over 12 years ago

Completed OS configuration tasks, including installation of SSL certificates for Apache.

At this point, the basic VM is setup and installation is largely automated. See the SystemConfiguration.txt file for a description of the buildout. Any additional configuration will mostly be associated with installing CN software, so closing this initial VM configuration task. Remaining tasks will be enumerated against the metacat, mercury, and cnstub installation tasks.

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