h1. CCI-2.2.0

h2. Features and bugs

  • Enable simple metrics reporting for core services
  • Removed JCS from the d1_libclient_java
  • Increased thread-safety in d1_libclient_java
  • Ldap connection pooling
  • In Metacat, The use of formatId now indicates the schema variant that should be used for validation of metadata.

h2. Patch Releases

The version of the overall operating infrastructure may diverge from the version of the components on which it depends. The actual versions of components included in a particular infrastructure release is indicated by the build_control properties file for the respective environment. For production, this is the stable build, which is governed by:

h3. CCI version 2.2.1

  • Metacat version 2.7.1

h3. CCI version 2.2.2

  • Metacat 2.7.2
  • CN-INDEX-2.2.1

h3. CCI version 2.2.3

High priority patch to correct issue with CILogon authentication that is affecting all environments. Should only impact the

  • Update portal to use MyProxy 3.3
  • Rebuild portal-servlet

Updated components:

  • portal 2.2.1
  • portal-servlet 2.2.1

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