h1. CCI-2.0.0 Version 2.0 Release

Version 2.0 of the infrastructure introduced some significant though backwards compatible API changes and system behavior for both Coordinating and Member nodes.

h2. Minor Revisions

h3. CCI Version 2.1

h4. CCI Version 2.1.2

h4. CCI Version 2.1.3

h3. CCI Version 2.2

h4. CCI Version 2.2.3

h4. CCI Version 2.2.4

h4. CCI Version 2.2.5

h3. CCI Version 2.3.0

  • Includes major OS and Java updates. Replaces JIBX with JAXB.

h4. CCI Version 2.3.1

h3. CCI Version 2.4

  • Upgrade of Hazelcast from 2.4.x to 3.x, and move to hazelcast cross data center configuration.

  • Upgrade to Solr 6

  • Overhaul of log aggregation system

h3. CCI Version 2.5

  • Support additional Solr cores and possibly LAN sharding

h3. CCI Version 2.6

  • TBD

h2. Subprojects

"Issue list":

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