h1. CCI-1.4.1

h2. Release Notes

  • Patch ONEMercury
  • * Bug #6535: Fix ornl-mercury content rendering in OneMercury
  • * Bug #6536: Fix ornl-mercury schema parsing for search index
    • Bug #6403: New 'direct access to data' checkbox needs to appear
  • Provide default query for Logging Endpoint

    • Bug #6058: Need default query for cn_log_index
  • Patch Portal configuration settings

    • Bug #6407: Use configuration option for portal client configuration
  • Patch Log Aggregation processing to handle equivalent identities

    • Bug #3998: Log Aggregation is not handling equivalent identities
  • Add format Type

    • Story #6068: add NeXML as format type

h2. End Release Notes

h2. Work is captured in "Story #6500":
Leads are Robert, Jing, and Skye

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