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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
7214TaskRejectedNormalSupport for altered "archive" functionalitySkye Roseboom2015-07-01 16:19
7213TaskRejectedNormalAdd indexing support for SIDsSkye Roseboom2015-07-01 16:19
7212StoryRejectedNormalAdd support for SIDs and altered "archive" functionalitySkye Roseboom2015-07-01 16:19d1_cn_index_processor
6738StoryClosedNormalUpgrade solr product to newest versionSkye Roseboom2015-09-22 16:21
6732FeatureRejectedNormalAdd 'archived' records to search indexSkye Roseboom2015-08-04 18:57
6719FeatureClosedNormalUpdate data package relationship processing wrt maintaining SID based relationships.Skye Roseboom2015-09-22 16:18d1_cn_index_processor
6718FeatureRejectedNormalProvide head of SID chain resolution capability for search indexSkye Roseboom2015-07-16 19:53
6717FeatureClosedNormalAdd SID field to search index schema and populate the fieldSkye Roseboom2015-07-16 19:52

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