Task #8777

Updated by Chris Jones about 5 years ago

The replication auditor currently limits auditing of objects at 1GB. There are currently 4 objects greater than 1TB in size, and 3,588 objects greater than 1GB in size, both being very small counts compared to the 2,769,111 objects less than 1GB in size in the network. Nonetheless, they should still be audited if feasible. The limiting factor is likely HTTP timeout limits during the call to `MN.getChecksum()`. For reference, I'm seeing the following general times for calculating MD5 and SHA-1 checksums:

Size MD5 SHA-1
---- ------- -------
1GB 00m02.5s 00m02.6s
10GB 00m25.9s 00m30.0s
100GB 03m28.0s 04m01.8s
1TB 50m14.2s -- 67m38.6s
10GB and 100GB objects seem pretty feasible if we set the HTTP client timeout to > 5 minutes, whereas the few > 1TB files may be challenging just due to the timeouts. The other factor is that the `AbstractReplicationAuditor` sets a default timeout to 60 seconds, and if the task future doesn't return in that time frame, the future gets cancelled. So the HTTP timeout and this timeout need to be increased and coordinated in order to handle larger object auditing.


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