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|**Task**|**function**| |**Task**| Responsibility|
|--|---|---| |---|---|
|Implement in Production Environment|Set |Set up production server to DataONE specification| MN|
||Web |Web server + SSL certificate|MN|
||Baseline |Baseline Server testing|MN|
||Generate |Generate MN client certificates (x509)|DataONE|
||**Install |**Install Software** |
||Download |Download MN client certificate|MN|
||Create |Create DataONE UID for production environment|MN|
||DataONE |DataONE UID approval|DataONE|
|Register in Production|Node |Node registration|MN|
||Node |Node registration approval|DataONE|
||Test for liveness - web tester|MN|
||Add quality data|MN|
|Mutual acceptance|Verify data sync and index + MN approval|MN|
||MN appears as current in MN Dashboard and Search UI|DataONE|
|Formal announcement|Formal Announcement (PR)|MN + DataONE|
||DataONE logo placed on MN website|MN|


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