Story #8225

Updated by Monica Ihli over 4 years ago

An example metadata record:

This record in the search interface on sandbox:

Currently, alternate access point is pulling the link from:
/ns0:MD_Metadata/ns0:distributionInfo[ 1 ]/ns0:MD_Distribution[ 1 ]/ns0:transferOptions[ 1 ]/ns0:MD_DigitalTransferOptions[ 1 ]/ns0:onLine[ 1 ]/ns0:CI_OnlineResource[ 1 ]/ns0:linkage[ 1 ]/ns0:URL[ 1 ]

However, Pangaea wishes users to be directed towards a landing page where they are able to obtain METADATA data in multiple formats, found in:
/ns0:MD_Metadata/ns0:dataSetURI[ 1 ]/ns2:CharacterString[ 1 ]

The landing page for this example:


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