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See notes from initial meeting -

The OTS currently does not have a data repository. DataONE's current effort is to provide guidance for their proposal to NSF regarding additional/improved sensor equipment and the hardware/human resources to support the development of a data repository which will become a Member Node. The MN will be physically located in Costa Rica, likely the University of Costa Rica.

POC: Carolina Murcia, carolina dot murcia at ots dot cr, Science Director at OTC
proposed NodeID: urn:node:OTS
s/w stack TBD
tier TBD but likely tier 1 initially

{updated} **Description**

The Organization for Tropical Studies NeoTropical Data Center (OTS-NTDC) is a U.S. based non-profit consortium located at Duke University, and composed of over 60 academic and research institutions from the United States, Costa Rica, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and Australia. OTS-NDC is designed to safeguard and promote sharing and reuse of scientific data from neotropical ecosystems of Costa Rica. OTS-NDC manages ecological data generated at research stations located in La Selva, Las Cruces, and Palo Verde, Costa Rica by both OTS-NDC and independent researchers. OTS-NDC was originally funded by the U.S.NSF (FSML program), but is now operated autonomously by OTS-NDC.


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