Task #3917

Updated by Skye Roseboom over 9 years ago

Similar to issue documented here:

Dryad's ORE seem to define science metadata identifiers that do not exist for the 'dryadDataPackage' files:

ORE uses '&' in the sci-metadata's identifer - lines 6,24,28,30
line 30:
<dcterms:identifier rdf:datatype="">;ver=2011-09-02T16:12:04.933-0400</dcterms:identifier>

Although dryad meta and object paths respond to both versions of the identifier (one with '&' and one with '?'):

It appears only the '?' version is provided via the object list service: (search for 'dryad.8570') &#39;dryad.8570&#39;

Corroborated by the CN - the '?' (%3F) version exists, the '&' version (%26) does not:

So it would seem the ORE is using the wrong identifier. This ultimately prevents the CN indexing process from properly indexing the data package.


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