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Initial Communications

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In prep for first meeting, provide potential MN with overview documentation:
* What is DataONE?
* [Benefits of collaborating with DataONE as a Member Node] (
* General process of becoming a Member Node
* Responsibilities of a Member Node--Partnership Guidelines (

In prep for technical assessment meeting, provide potential MN with:
* MN Description Worksheet: (
* MN Deployment Routes
* Member Node APIs

Initial meeting, include:
business requirements (Legal, Licensing, data sharing restrictions / privacy concerns)

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Initial contact via Slack #Dataone by Ying Zhang (Zy)
* implemented metacat Version: 2.8.7 on 3/26/18

4/16/18: sent email for clarity re: organization and support resources

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4/18/18: Skype conversation with Zy

We have 4 datasets and 390 files per dataset at first stage to run a Member Node. The amount may be more in the future.

Datasets are from 1 project. We use one of our workmate's datasets as DataOne dataset.
* Ren, X., He, H., Zhang, L., and Yu, G.: Global radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, and the diffuse components dataset of China, 1981–2010, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.,, in review, 2018.

re: Metacat installation --Jing supporting

  • After metacat installation, Zy not first contact person.
    • Explained that once metacat is installed, there will still be several DataONE implementation steps both technologically and administratively to join the DataONE federation that will require participation from your Network --> emailed links to API & implementation pages

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