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MNDeployment #5451: Cary Institute (via Figshare)

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Figshare: Test Registration

Added by Amy Forrester over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Custom nodes will start off by first registering in Sandbox. Nodes using an existing MN software will register in Stage.

  • Node contact subject approved by D1 admin in DataONE LDAP.
  • Node software configuration - synchronization enabled if applicable.
  • Node registration document generated and submitted to Sandbox or Stage CN.
  • D1 Admin approves node registration on the Sandbox or Stage CN server.
  • Monitor and verify synchronization, indexing, search behavior.
  • MN approves display of information in test search interface ( or

A note for custom implemented DataONE services: It's expected that development and testing will be more iterative. When satisfied with results in sandbox, repeat the process by changing target to cn-stage.


#1 Updated by Amy Forrester about 4 years ago

From Monica
Test server has been configured and is viewable in the DataONE Stage environment web search.

First we loaded Cary's data from the Figshare Stage environment OAI-PMH endpoint which was 28 records. Then we switched the script to pull from the Figshare Production Environment OAI-PMH endpoint which was another 4 records. Obviously when we switch to the DataONE production environment, we would only pull Figshare production data.

Next steps for Member Node:
• review records in DataONE Stage and approve.
• Test for MN:

• Take one of your stage records and perform a minor alteration to it that would not result in a DOI change (such as changing the description or some metadata value other than the title / a file change). (This event should be noted by the adapter but otherwise ignored by DataONE.)
• Perform a "major" change on a Stage record (change to title or change to a science data file) that would prompt a DOI version update. (This should result in an update event upon the old version of the record in DataONE).

**coordinating update call

#2 Updated by Amy Forrester about 4 years ago

9/28/18: CALL - Next steps meeting for moving Figshare into production
Stage environment:

  1. Roger re-configed GMN to host multiple collections...we now have the ability to (straightforward process) → when they are ready.
  2. Make DOI more obvious in record citation (See,
    • Move service endpoint higher in the record
    • change the service endpoint to DOI and display only DOI in citation link
  3. Change status to upcoming
  4. Figshare still needs to figure out their process with Cary Institute to control which records appear in DataONE
    • Figshare needs to let us know when they want to go into production (per Cary Institute)

#3 Updated by Amy Forrester about 4 years ago

  • Assignee set to Roger Dahl

#4 Updated by Amy Forrester about 4 years ago

Per Figshare/Cary Institute

Need to complete the "data" keyword filtering (listset) on Figshare-side before DataONE officially goes live. Tudor had anticipated this filtering work should be completed by the end of October.

#5 Updated by Amy Forrester about 4 years ago

Per Figshare: OAI-PMH endpoint where you'll be able to find all Cary items with the "data" keyword (currently none): So all work to get that filtering in place has been completed.

10/31 - waiting for Cary Institute to upload data.

#6 Updated by Amy Forrester about 4 years ago

Figshare requested UI edits: citation display as a hyperlinked DOI

  • Figshare is missing the “doi:” prefix in the identifier field preventing the link to display properly. e.g., currently:dc:identifier10.25390/caryinstitute.6950105.v3/dc:identifier
  • cannot add in our OAI-PMH output and adding it would most probably cause issues for some of our other client

per Lauren (11/21) - add the feature to detect partial DOIs and make them into links in the UI
* probably something I would do and its not a big deal. Probably an hour or two. Would probably get scheduled for two releases ahead, so maybe 2-4 weeks from now it could be in production, maybe sooner

#7 Updated by Amy Forrester almost 4 years ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Status changed from New to Closed

Figshare confirmation that all is ok on their end via Tudor (Adrian-Tudor Pănescu)

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