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ECOSCOPE - Network of Research Observatories on Biodiversity

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ECOSCOPE - Réseau des Observatoires de Recherche sur la Biodiversité (Network of Research Observatories on Biodiversity)

"ECOSCOPE’s aim is to set up an entry point to access to research and observation datasets on biodiversity in order to document and understand its state and trends, mechanisms at work in its changes, and to build scenarios of the future of the biodiversity."

Alison Specht is our primary POC for the initial planning/development of a potential MN at ECOSCOPE. See her email from 12/7/15:

Dear Bill, Mark, Bruce and Laura,

...the informatics person for ECOSCOPE (Cédric Chaveriat) is about to go to an EuBON meeting I had better get my skates on.

After discussions two main benefits for links between DataONE and ECOSCOPE arise.

(I) it appears that recent moves here to develop ECOSCOPE as a test site for the EU Biodiversity Portal may well be enhanced by working with DataONE at the same time . This would serve both ECOSCOPE and hopefully DataONE as well (Bruce I think that was something you and I discussed).

(ii) ECOSCOPE has been developing an EML-in-practice approach for their portal and they are ready to link ECOSCOPE to MetaCat in order to better expose French researchers' datasets at international scale. To have an operational contact with you (probably Mark I gather) to establish that and to make some preliminary tests will be of great assistance.

If you are agreeable please let us know, and Aurélie (the directrice of ECOSCOPE) is hereby on the same page (Aurélie Delavaud!

All the best,


Directrice du CESAB
Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité

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We had a meeting with ECOSCOPE (and CESAB) on 28 July (see epad:, based on an email from Anna Cohen-Nabeiro earlier in the week:

I have talked with Alison recently about the potential collaboration between ECOSCOPE (FRB) and DataONE. As discussed this will hopefully provide an opportunity for you to further the links between DataONE and GEO-BON (ECOSCOPE is labeled « Biodiversity Observation Network » by the Group on Earth Observation which means that it implements GEO-BON guidelines).

ECOSCOPE has been developing an EML-in-practice approach for the metadata portal and we are about to link our EML/INSPIRE metadata portal to MetaCat. This will ensure a better exposition for French researchers' datasets at international level, and provide an entry point for DataONE in France.

We are working closely with the GBIF-Fr, notably using compatibles format which permits export/import of metadata, and we are working on a connection with the GeoCatalog (EU INSPIRE). We are starting to implement the ad hoc web-services to make that automatic (using CSW / OAI-PMH).

I am available to discuss this proposition throughout July and August. Please let me know when and how we could start to work together. I note that Alison will be attending the All Hands Meeting in September.

It looks like a collaboration between ECOSCOPE and DataONE would be not-too-difficult to implement, and would be a very good thing for both of us. September seems to be a target timeframe for both parties, but we can have planning discussions in the meantime.

Some details from the meeting:

ECOSCOPE will be exposing metadata only, EML and ISO 19139. They currently have about 50 metadata objects from about 20 different providers, but this number will grow as they have identified about 200 repositories from which they would like to collect metadata. All metadata at ECOSCOPE will be publicly accessible.

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