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A DEV2 development environment is needed for upgrade testing

Added by Chris Jones almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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While we have many test environments, they are already purposed for trunk development and CCI V1.x upgrade testing. Instead of using the DEV or SANDBOX environments to upgrade from a CCI V1.x CN stack to a CCI V2.x CN stack, we've decided it would be better to use a DEV2 environment. VMs need to be created for the following layout:

  • 2 CNs, one at UCSB, one at UNM
  • 2 MNs at UCSB (one V1 Metacat, one V2 Metacat)
  • 2 MNs at UNM (one V1 GMN, one V2 Metacat (which should eventually be replaced as a V2 GMN))


Task #7260: Create DEV2 VMs at UCSBClosedNick Outin

Task #7261: Create DEV2 VMs at UNMClosedChris Jones

Task #7262: Add the DEV2 VMs to the Debian environment configurationClosedChris Jones

Task #7263: Install CCI 1.5.x on cn-dev-ucsb-2 and cn-dev-unm-2ClosedChris Jones

Task #7269: Add CN node LDAP entries for the DEV2 environment CNsClosedChris Jones

Task #7271: Add apparmor-utils to the dataone-cn-os-core dependency listClosedChris Jones

Task #7273: Register public key with CILogon for DEV2 environmentClosedChris Jones

Task #7290: Install MN software on DEV2 environment VMsClosedChris Jones

Task #7321: Populate DEV2 MNs with real-world test dataClosedChris Jones

Task #7332: Fix dataone-cn-os-core postinst to really remove Bouncy Castle jarsClosedBen Leinfelder

Task #7333: Upgrade DEV2 Metacat MNs to V2ClosedBen Leinfelder

Task #7335: Confirm that unlimited strength Java encryption policies are installed via UbuntuClosedChris Jones


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The environment is fully built out and we're testing in it.

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