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Production CNs aren't replicating the updated object format list

Added by Chris Jones over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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When I updated the object format list on, we expect it to be replicated to the other two CNs via Metacat replication. However, /var/log/metacat/replicate.log shows an SSL handshake error. Determine why this is failing.


#1 Updated by Chris Jones over 9 years ago

To test the SSL connection, I used:

sudo curl -v -o - -capath /etc/ssl/certs \
--cert /etc/dataone/client/certs/ \
--key /etc/dataone/client/private/ \

which gives a successful SSL response of 200:

< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
< Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 23:14:36 GMT
< Server: Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)
< Content-Length: 45
< Vary: Accept-Encoding
< Content-Type: text/html
Test successfully

This also works using:

openssl s_client \
-connect \
-showcerts -CApath /etc/ssl/certs \
-cert /etc/dataone/client/certs/ \
-key /etc/dataone/client/private/

I'm now looking at the java cacerts angle at this point.

#2 Updated by Chris Jones over 9 years ago

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#3 Updated by Chris Jones over 9 years ago

ALthough I haven't directly connected via Java SSL, the cacerts file contains both the D1 Root and Production CA certificates, and we are configured to use the correct cacerts file. The cert and key properties in are set correctly, pointing to the FQDN-based certs in /etc/dataone/client/{certs|private} on all three CNs. I'll connect via Java SSL directly now, but am also seeing the following error in th replication.log file:

knb 2013-03-02T04:10:32: [ERROR]: ReplicationService.handleGetLockRequest - error requesting file lock from MetacatReplication.handleGetLockRequest: the requested docid 'OBJECT_FORMAT_LIST' does not exist

I'm not sure why the docid isn't 'OBJECT_FORMAT_LIST.1', and will also look into this next.

#4 Updated by Chris Jones over 9 years ago

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After looking at this with Ben, we realized that the underlying problem was a Metacat replication issue, not an SSL issue. Updating the format list on a CN other thn it's home server caused it to not replicate. We changed the home server for the document, and forced the replication, which worked fine. Closed.

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