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h1. CCI 1.4.0 Release

h2. Release Notes

  • First release of CN Replication Auditor component. Periodically audits document replicas by comparing registered checksum with actual checksum. Results are recorded by splunk logging service.

  • Update to CN Replication component

    • Fixed bug where replication attempted to replicate invalid documents.
    • Added logic to prevent unlimited replication requests of documents that fail to replicate.
    • Fixed startup error in replication.
  • Search index parsing updated to support additional science metadata formats.

    • Added support for qualified dublin core and dublin core science metadata parsing to the DataONE search index.
    • * * Allows fields in science metadata documents of those types (dc, qdc) to be indexed.
    • Added support for ORNL Mercury schema based science metadata documents. Format is based on existing FGDC parsing.
  • Bug fixes and UI cleanup for OneMercury

    • Also includes support for qualified Dublin core and ORNL Mercury schema XSLT science metadata display.
    • Fixed date display bug in OneMercury where search result dates were always 08/25/1934.

h2. End Release Notes

h2. Dev Notes for CN stack version 1.4 development ( discussed during "CCIT 2014": )
Work is captured in "Story #5533":
Leads are Robert, Peter, and Skye

h2. Main goals

h3. Separate LogAggregation from CN processing

  • Scheduling: week of July 14 and 21 and 28)

  • Consider use SolrCloud for replication

  • redmine #3998 Bug - Log Aggregation is not handling equivalent identities correctly

h3. Minor OneMercury help text, UI updates

  • (from Heather Heinz testing)

  • 2 days of dev and testing effort

h3. Release replication auditing

  • work is complete just needs scheduled into release

h3. Move to new maven repository in poms

  • requires Maven repository setup work

h3. Move OneMercury to another VM or servlet container

  • Needs some discussion (2-3 days of effort?)

h3. Incorporate HTTPClient 4.2 into libclient

  • affects CN stack - focus on testing affected components
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