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16:59 Infrastructure Bug #8812 (Closed): Resolve service returns 500 for HTTP HEAD request
The CN resolve service doesn't currently support an HTTP HEAD request but probably should, as this can be used by cli...


19:58 Infrastructure Story #8762 (New): Add new formats to CN
Add a new formatId for Python notebooks: application/x-ipynb+json. This is the current popular Media Type for Python ...


00:21 CN REST Bug #8740 (New): CN resolve service returning 404 for some pids
A user has reported that certain pids (all for metadata objects) return an http 404 status for the resolve service. H...


21:05 CN REST Bug #8698 (New): CN Performance degradation
Calling simple services on the CN can take a long time to execute. For example, calling


22:36 DataONE API Task #8529 (New): Add field to Solr index that includes the obsolescence chain
When a new PID is added to the Solr index, populate a field that contains the entire obsolescence chain for that PID....
22:18 DataONE API Task #8528 (New): Add MNRead.getVersions, CNRead.getVersions
These new services would return the obsolescence chain, as a lists of PIDs, for the specified PID.
Both services (f...


19:34 Infrastructure Revision 19071 (d1): regenerate d1 ssh key


19:33 Infrastructure Task #8224 (New): metacat not promoting node token privs for solr
When querying the solr index and using a member node token (subject: CN=urn:node:ARCTIC,DC=dataone,DC=org; expires 20...


23:47 Infrastructure Task #8066 (New): Verify completeness of unit test MetacatRdfXmlSubprocessorTest
Verify that all prov relationships that are indexed via src/main/resources/application-context-prov-base.xml are insp...


22:49 Infrastructure Bug #7284 (In Progress): MN.updateSystemMetadata() should not allow pid chain inconsistency
I'm reopening this issue as it appears that MN.updateSystemMetadata doesn't ensure consistency between the obsoleting...

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