From 2012-12-18 to 2013-01-16


21:57 Task #3360: Provide Member Node documentation on node naming best practices
This is a member node administrator issue and there should be some policy on making the names as self explanatory as ... Dave Vieglais
21:54 Task #3359 (Rejected): Address confusing navigation buttons in science metadata views
Dupe of #3327 Dave Vieglais
21:54 Task #3358 (Rejected): Add a printable view of science metadata
Dupe of #3326 Dave Vieglais
21:41 Task #3325: Improve sorting components for returned results
Requires lots of UI changes to support fields that are not listed in index (e.g. member node name) Dave Vieglais
21:39 Task #3323: Make the display of science metadata more uniform
Estimated time is for an initial refactoring to make look and feel a bit more consistent. Dave Vieglais
21:35 Task #3322: Fix confusing 'Data Files(0)' download buttons
Reevaluate if going down the rabbit hole. Dave Vieglais

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