h1. Semantic Work in Trunk

D1 projects with "semantic" work in the trunk:

  • d1_portal Token retrieval
  • d1_portal_servlet Annotator Store API passthrough to MN API
  • d1_libclient_java Bouncy castle upgrade to be compatible with JWT library (auth tokens)
  • d1_common_java (ideally) Define CN.getToken() method for use after successfully authenticating
  • d1_cn_index_processor Annotation processor bean
  • cn-buildout SOLR schema includes annotation fields
  • Metacat Initial work on allowing auth tokens to be used as an alternative to client certs
  • MetacatUI AnnotatorJS, BioPortal, ORCID integration
  • d1_annotator (new, included as dependency in d1_portal) Defines servlet used in d1_portal_servlet for annotation CRUD operations

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