h1. ORNLDAAC 221 Packaging

This page describes the packaging for ORNL DAAC dataset 221 ( which a Global Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen dataset, collected by Emmanuel et al. The repository ( contains links to the individual data files, as well as copies of the FGDC metadata, DataONE system metadata for the science metadata, and DataONE system metadata for a zip archive rendition of the dataset.
In r4750 (with minor syntax update in r4751), we (BEW & TZ) committed an initial (incompleted) version of an RDF OAI-ORE envelope.

An initial question is the subject for this. The first pass, we used the rdf resource map itself as the subject for the resource map. BEW's suggestion was to move this and use the HTTP version of the doi (@ as the subject.

There are some literatues take initiative on the semantically packaged scientific data processing. Most of the current work are relying on OAI-ORE framework, which enables scientists to encapsulate various generated and related datasets and resources. Since the usual (traditional) way is to including a reference from the paper to an backend database data or adding a hyperlink (using DOIs) in the paper to point to the dataset in the scientific database, which are both uni-directional and do not include any semantics or provenance information. Some efforts have been made in theoratical level. However, hardly have us seen a sophisticated application in integrating semantic functionality into web-enabled scientific data dataset sharing, provenance-exploring, and publishing. One group [1] gived a conceptual framework on building a tool for scientists to link data to scholarly publications. They propose a SCOPE system which basically enabling the generating of metadata from a publishing and then integrate the metadata (editable by users) into a esisting provenance view. Thus, scientist can relate and graphically link their resources with the others (can be via web browser). Meanwhile, since this tool allows scientists to include and establish relation with other structured resources, it actually strengthen the claims of findings of their publishings.

h1. References

[1] reference details go here

[2] this reference doesn't exist yet....

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