h1. CCI-2.0.3

h2. Release Notes

  • Pending account map listing will no longer show equivalent identities
  • ProvONE namespace was changed from to for indexing
  • LogAggregation scheduling bug that stalled triggering jobs fixed

Changed directly:

d1_identity_manager v2.0.2
d1_log_aggregation v2.0.2
dataone_cn_os_core v2.0.2
d1_cn_index_processor v2.0.3
d1_cn_rest v2.0.2
d1_cn_index_tool v2.0.3

Dependencies in chain to update

d1_solr_extensions v2.0.2
d1_cn_service v2.0.2
d1_cn_rest_proxy v2.0.2
d1_synchronization v2.0.2
d1_process_daemon v2.0.2

Required for release - cn-buildout

dataone-cn-rest-service v2.0.2
dataone-cn-os-core v2.0.2
dataone-cn-index v2.0.3
dataone-cn-processdaemon v2.0.2
dataone-cn-solr v2.0.1

h2. Deployment

  • Deployed to production on 2/8/2016

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