h1. CCI-1.5.1

h2. Release Notes

  • OneMercury
    ** Updated menu bar and social icons to match update to Added 'News' menu item. Added 'google plus' social icon.
    ** Update to the 'Direct access data available' checkbox behavior. Default value for a new search is now that the checkbox is deselected - including results without data available through DataONE. Also added tool tip text to the control.

  • Log Aggregation
    ** Log event aggregation updated to COUNTER compliance:
    ** Fixed bug that ended log event harvesting when an event for a deleted pid was encountered.

  • Metacat
    ** Metacat "hazelcast synchronization" now emits a log message indicating the process has completed.

  • Infrastrucuture
    ** CN's migrated off SHA-1 usage in https certificates, upgraded to SHA-2.

  • Search Index
    ** Improved logging messages to track issue with mangled string values

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