h1. CCI-1.5.0

h2. Release Notes

  • OneMercury
    ** Support for rendering Dublin Core Extended science metadata format documents.
    ** Support for rendering DataCite science metadata format documents.

  • Search Index
    ** Support for parsing fields in DataONE Dublin Core Extended and DataCite science metadata documents into the search index.

  • Synchronization
    ** Checksum validation of new objects synchronizing into DataONE CN from MN.
    ** System metadata document validation - to ensure system metadata for new objects is schema valid.
    ** Prevent CN from altering authoritative member node during synchronization of new documents.

  • Replication
    ** Create configurable file size limit on replication auditing.
    ** Additional logic to prevent targeting replication at MN which already contains invalid replica of a document.
    ** Creation of persistent replication queue.

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