Story #8028

Updated by Dave Vieglais about 6 years ago

UNM now has a DMZ available which will place servers outside of the campus intrusion prevention infrastructure, and so should significantly reduce latency and increase throughput for network activity.

The goal of this story is to migrate all UNM CNs including test instances to the new network.

Network info:
IP Range: (.2 - .8 currently reserved for DataONE, .5 - .8 currently available for CNs)

To move a VM to the new network:

1. Select IP Address
2. Update /etc/network/interfaces
3. Update /etc/hosts
4. Reconfigure any services that specify IP address, including but not limited to:

a) apache

b) UFW

c) Zookeeper

d) LDAP (?)

e) Hazelcast

f) Metacat replication

g) CILogon ?

Note that the other CNs also specify specific IP addresses for connectivity, so it will be necessary to update configurations on those machines as well.

5. Select the DMZ network in VMWare configuration for the VM
6. Restart the VM


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