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Make cn.resolve smarter

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In this case the cn.resolve() operation should be ignoring the node that is marked as offline, or at least placing it last in the list.

This should be a high priority fix, and should be fairly simple to implement since the information is available in the node document.

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On 2019-11-14, at 21:38, Matt Jones wrote:

FYI, thread form today with Ethan White on ebird replication, and the resolve() api in DataONE. Relates to our conversation today about making resolve() and MetacatUI downloads smarter.


Ethan White 5:06 PM
What's the right place to report data that if 404ing on DataONE?

Matt Jones 5:07 PM would work

5:08 PM
or let me know

5:08 PM
is it that same data set?

5:08 PM
the Ebird one?

Ethan White 5:09 PM
Yeah, which we had discovered had been reposted and spent a bunch of time gearing up to support again. We were in the middle of testing when it suddenly disappeared again.

Matt Jones 5:10 PM
yeah. Cornell just gave us permission to replicate the data to other nodes. They haven’t wanted us to do so in the past.

Ethan White 5:13 PM
Thanks. That's good news. So can we expect it to reappear at some point soonish?

Matt Jones 5:14 PM
Yeah, its been replicated. I’m checking to see if it is properly linked to the original.

5:15 PM

new messages

Ethan White 5:16 PM
Thanks Matt. FYI that link I posted is the one being returned from a current search of DataONE.

Matt Jones 5:17 PM
Yeah. Because that’s the ‘authoritative’ copy at cornell.

5:17 PM
but Cornell’s node has been going up and down.

5:17 PM
our resolve service lists all copies of a data set

5:17 PM
so if one is down, you can get it from another location:

5:18 PM

$ curl -H "Accept: text/xml"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:objectLocationList xmlns:ns2="">

Ethan White 5:19 PM
OK, thanks. That's why I thought the link in DataONE would take me to a working version, but clearly I just don't understand the details. We'll just use the the one on KNB at least for the moment. Really appreciate your help as always.

Matt Jones 5:20 PM
No problem. I’d love to make this all work more seamlessly. (edited)

5:20 PM
So suggestions definitely welcome.

5:21 PM
I expect Cornell to take their node offline altogether — so the KNB will likely be the better location.

5:22 PM
Btw, the resolve link when executed in a browser just redirects to the first copy

Ethan White 5:23 PM
Yeah, Cornell's closed approach to things is a pretty big disappointment, especially on data like this that is generated by volunteers. We'll just go to the KNB version permanently.

Matt Jones 5:23 PM
whereas programatically you get the list of locations

5:23 PM
if you ask for XML

Ethan White 5:23 PM
That makes sense. Thanks.

Matt Jones 5:23 PM
and then you can choose to try one or more


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