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Improve rendering of in search UI

Added by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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I offered to file this a while back but it just sat in my inbox.

Initial support for rendering went in with but we noted in Slack in #ci that the rendering could be a lot better. As an example of how much better, Pangaea's own landing pages are quite nice:

Upon checking the first Pangaea dataset in the index,, I see that the view service isn't actually working at all for this document. So I guess this could be two tasks:

  1. Enable the Metacat View Service for Pangaea docs
  2. Improve the XSLT

2 just involve extending the existing isotc211 XSLT if we think that other isotc211 creators want those fixes but if we want to make a nice view that's Pangaea-specific, we may want to consider a separate stylesheet suite.

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#1 Updated by Amy Forrester almost 6 years ago

  • Related to Story #8225: Customize Indexing & View for gmd-pangaea added

#2 Updated by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago

I took a look at (1) and found the issue. I've made the fix and the fix is currently going through review over on the Metacat repo at If that goes through, Pangaea docs will render properly once we re-release Metacat on DataONE.

I didn't take a look at improvements yet. For that, I recommend we wait until we're for the next CCI release (at which point this change will get deployed, along with others), take a random sample of Pangaea docs, and visually inspect the rendering for (1) glaring issues like bad HTML and (2) areas we can improve it.

#3 Updated by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago

Hey Monica, I uploaded two random samples of metadata from both NCEI and Pangaea's content to the stage environment. I'm going to set aside some time to look at them later on today but if you wanted to do so well as that'd be great.

Visit and enter "viewservicetest" in the query box to filter to just the docs I uploaded. You should see 19 docs.

#4 Updated by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago

I've made a lot of progress on this today:

I've done some preliminary testing on both NCEI and Pangaea docs and it looks like I wrote good stylesheets.

  • All of this can be tweaked as much as we like so please take a look
  • I'm linking you to instead of search-stage.test because stage is down right now and won't sync content for me

#5 Updated by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago

NCEI example in STAGE:{3EEA0667-BB7A-4F10-B39E-A01CBDDA8ABC}
PANGAEA example in STAGE:

Monica, when you get a chance could you take a look and maybe we could catch up on this?

#6 Updated by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago

Decided on our dev call (Dave and Monica joined) to:

#7 Updated by Bryce Mecum almost 6 years ago


  • Merge changes into MetacatUI dev branch. Status: Awaiting code review from team
  • Merge changes into Metacat dev branch. Status: I can do this

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