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Story #954: GMN specific features

Selecting if objects should be managed by client or by GMN.

Added by Roger Dahl almost 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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GMN can store science objects locally or can stream them from a web server on request. When an object is registered on GMN, GMN currently examines the object to determine if the object should be stored locally or be streamed from a web server. Investigate possibility of extending the REST interface to let client select how an object should be handled.


#1 Updated by Dave Vieglais almost 12 years ago

This would seem to be a GMN specific functionality so perhaps should not be expressed in the D1 service APIs. However it would seem likely that as we work with a broader array of Data Repositories, it may be necessary to provide vendor specific attributes in the create() request. Perhaps create an additional, optional parameter in the create method signature for "options". This parameter should be ignored by targets that don't support the options. The type for "options" would be a dictionary - key, value pairs that are defined by the vendor.

#2 Updated by Roger Dahl over 11 years ago

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Implemented a vendor specific option in MN_crud.create called vendor_gmn_remote_storage. Added a description of the option in REST_object. Did not add it to API.

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