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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
8017Member NodesSupportNewNormalNCEI - Implement GMN for replicating Arctic Data Center DataRoger Dahl2018-05-16 14:32
8019Member NodesSupportNewNormalFollow up on Preferred Replication Target TestingMonica Ihli2017-02-14 19:52
8020Member NodesSupportClosedNormaltDAR - Resolve MN / CN InconsistenciesMonica Ihli2017-08-23 16:04
8021Member NodesSupportClosedNormalGRIIDC - Setting up a Test Server and Interested in using GMN2Monica Ihli2018-03-06 15:27
8024InfrastructureBugRejectedHighSubmitter Being Checked During SeriesId Validation within V2TransferObjectTaskRob Nahf2017-02-23 23:15Authentication, Authorization
8106InfrastructureBugTestingNormalDifficulty Distinguishing Between Different Kinds of Failed Sync "Not Found" Error MessagesRob Nahf2018-02-20 16:57d1_synchronization
8107InfrastructureFeatureNewNormalImproved Node Synchronization Feedback - Leveraging MNRead.synchronizationFailed()2017-06-27 16:46Architecture Design
8134Member NodesTaskClosedNormalVMC/FEMC - Test Pip UpgradeMonica Ihli2017-09-18 20:04
8137Member NodesTaskClosedNormalPangaea - Adapter Configured in TestMonica Ihli2017-08-01 13:43
8138Member NodesTaskClosedNormalPangaea - Register in sandboxMonica Ihli2018-01-22 21:44
8140Member NodesTaskClosedNormalVMC/FEMC - Convert adapterMonica Ihli2017-09-19 16:51
8141Member NodesTaskClosedNormalVMC/FEMC - Register in Sandbox2017-10-11 17:52
8142Member NodesTaskClosedNormalMonica @ DUGMonica Ihli2017-08-23 15:58
8143Member NodesTaskClosedNormalMonica @ DUGMonica Ihli2017-08-23 16:04
8144Member NodesTaskClosedNormalMonica @ DUGMonica Ihli2017-08-23 15:58
8145Member NodesTaskNewNormalTest FabricMonica Ihli2017-07-19 00:44
8146Member NodesTaskNewNormalFailed Sync ParserMonica Ihli2017-07-19 00:46
8147Member NodesTaskClosedNormalCentOS Fabric ScriptMonica Ihli2017-10-16 18:22
8148Member NodesTaskClosedNormalDUG slidesMonica Ihli2017-08-01 13:43
8149Member NodesTaskNewNormalTest 1.x to 2.x pip upgrade w/ no dataMonica Ihli2017-09-26 15:57
8225Member NodesStoryIn ProgressNormalCustomize Indexing & View for gmd-pangaeaRob Nahf2018-05-17 14:30
8294Testing MN ManagementMNDeploymentNewNormalTest Node 22018-02-08 15:28
8306Member NodesTaskClosedNormalUpgrade NKN GMNRoger Dahl2018-05-07 15:59
8340Testing MN ManagementStoryNewNormalDiscovery2018-02-08 15:28
8341Testing MN ManagementTaskNewNormalInitial Communications2018-02-22 19:14
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