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7817CN IndexBugClosedNormalThe processIndexTaskQueue method on IndexTaskProcessor doesn't pick up all the failed tasksJing Tao2016-06-10 18:35d1_cn_index_processor
7816CN IndexBugClosedNormalAfter reindex cn-dev, there are more than 20,000 index tasks keep the "IN PROCESS" statusJing Tao2016-06-10 18:51d1_cn_index_processor
7771CN IndexTaskClosedNormalUse multiple threads to index objectsJing Tao2016-12-21 09:15d1_cn_index_processor
7770CN IndexTaskClosedNormalProfile the index processJing Tao2016-05-25 16:31d1_cn_index_processor
7769CN IndexStoryClosedNormalImprove the performance on solr indexJing Tao2016-12-21 09:15
7001CN IndexStoryClosedNormalAdd log messages to indicate the start/end of indexing a pidSkye Roseboom2015-05-13 16:33d1_cn_index_processor
7953CN RESTTaskClosedNormalRegister schema files for the format id FGDC-STD-100.1-1999Jing Tao2016-12-16 18:53cn_metacat
7118CN RESTBugClosedNormalCount query parameter not limiting results on cn logsRob Nahf2016-03-25 02:34d1_identity_manager
6847CN RESTFeatureRejectedNormalCN.getLogRecords support SIDsRobert Waltz2015-07-01 18:01
8869InfrastructureStoryNewNormalEquivalent identities show owning different amount of packages. Jing Tao2020-09-24 22:34d1_indexer
8868InfrastructureStoryClosedNormald1_solr_extension can't handle the permission rules for the ORCID 2020-09-11 18:42
8863InfrastructureStoryClosedNormal/cn/v2/synchorize not working2020-05-04 21:44
8862InfrastructureStoryNewNormalDeploy a new dataone-cn-rest releaseJing Tao2020-04-23 16:24
8857InfrastructureStoryNewNormalD1Client.getCN() always get the production cn on the CN Tomcat contextJing Tao2019-12-13 00:34dataone-cn-rest-service
8856InfrastructureStoryNewNormalPut the system metadata part ahead of the object part when d1_client_python constructs the multipart2019-11-22 18:31d1_python
8855InfrastructureStoryNewNormalPut the system metadata part ahead of the object part when d1_client_r constructs the multipartMatthew Jones2019-11-22 18:29d1_client_r
8854InfrastructureStoryNewNormalPut the system metadata part ahead of the object part when d1_libclient_java constructs the multipartJing Tao2019-11-22 18:25d1_libclient_java
8853InfrastructureStoryNewNormalMake cn.resolve smarter2019-11-15 16:50
8848InfrastructureStoryNewNormalA minor difference of annotation index between CN and MN2019-11-01 21:37
8842InfrastructureStoryNewNormalSome exceptions in Metacat2019-09-19 17:53
8841InfrastructureStoryNewNormalSolr Index processor don't parse the attributes on the otherEntity on an EML objectJing Tao2019-09-10 22:41d1_indexer
8837InfrastructureStoryNewNormalMerge the changes from metacat's feature-project-indexing branch to d1_cn_index_processorJing Tao2019-08-16 17:18d1_indexer
8800InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalRemove extra httpclient and httpcore files from cn web libJing Tao2019-07-31 21:28d1_cn_service
8785InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalIndex "replicationStatus" field on the CNJing Tao2019-04-15 21:18d1_indexer
8784InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalRe-index "replicationAllowed" to be searchableJing Tao2019-04-15 21:18dataone-cn-solr
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