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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
7332InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalFix dataone-cn-os-core postinst to really remove Bouncy Castle jarsBen Leinfelder2015-09-09 22:53d1_cn_buildout
7120Java ClientTaskTestingNormalFix DataPackage.insertRelationship() to handle any URI for external identifiersChris Jones2015-06-04 21:48d1_libclient_java
5121Member NodesTaskNewNormalFix DryadDataFile instance documents with no dcterms:creator elementChris Jones2014-04-30 19:25
8757CN RESTStoryNewNormalFix getChecksum() in MNAuditTask to use dynamic checksum algorithmsChris Jones2019-01-14 19:48d1_replication_auditor
6870ONE MercuryBugRejectedHighFix handling of identifiers with url-escaped charactersDave Vieglais2015-04-07 20:12d1_mercury_ui
7573DataONE APITaskClosedNormalFix incorrect description of MNStorage.create() object parameterDave Vieglais2016-03-25 02:22api_documentation
3407InfrastructureTaskClosedNormal Fix indexing conflicts on CNs that cause Metacat systemmetadata tables get out of syncChris Jones2013-01-08 00:06Metacat
3841Member NodesTaskClosedNormalFix listObjects() implementation to handle characters with Solr special meaningRanjeet Devarakonda2015-04-17 17:17
8749CN RESTStoryNewNormalFix log aggregation events from the CN without associated CN IPsDave Vieglais2019-05-01 22:25
4145InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalFix map clustered counts on map refreshChris Brumgard2014-03-31 17:41d1_dashboard
3596InfrastructureTaskNewNormalFix Merritt Repository resource map typing of triple objectsJohn Kunze2013-02-19 02:27mn.Merritt
3030InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalFix Metacat's DataONE configuration to set the correct base URLBen Leinfelder2012-07-02 23:53Metacat
4152Member NodesTaskClosedImmediateFix SEAD indexing of science metadataRobert Waltz2013-11-01 09:36
4701InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalFix set command whitespace handlingRoger Dahl2014-10-02 20:35d1_client_cli
4061Member NodesTaskClosedNormalFix stmml:unit validation errors in KUBI EMLCJ Grady2014-02-20 21:21
7084ONE MercuryStoryClosedNormalFix the display of EML citations when there is no individualName fieldChris Jones2015-06-26 21:13d1_mercury_ui
4138InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalFix the distribution map refresh centerChris Brumgard2014-03-31 17:41d1_dashboard
4146InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalFix the Distribution map title popoverChris Brumgard2014-03-31 17:41d1_dashboard
3355ONE MercuryTaskClosedNormalFix the search form to not need two search buttonsSkye Roseboom2015-01-19 23:09
4267Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a client test certificate for EDORAChris Jones2014-11-24 14:57
4268Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a client test certificate for RGDChris Jones2014-11-24 14:55
4788Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a client test certificate for SCChris Jones2015-01-02 16:46
4231InfrastructureTaskClosedHighGenerate a Master System Metadata Table from all CNsRobert Waltz2014-05-20 16:14d1_replication_auditor
3600Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a production client certificate for Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBirdDave Vieglais2014-04-14 16:58
6165Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a production client certificate for RGDChris Jones2014-11-24 14:56
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